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About us

The founder of our firm: Mr. NII studied French patent system in CEIPI, so that our firm was specialized for Francophonic companies from our start and appreciated by many French companies.  Mr. NII passed away sudenly in 1988 so that Mr. Takashi KOSHIBA succed the firm.  T. Koshiba worked as an examiner in chemical filedin for 15 years in JPO and then entered in Japanese chemical company where he made company’s strategy in R & D department. This experience was used in infringement litigation in Tokyo High Court and brought 4 billion yen (about 10 million EUR at that time) to a French company from a Japanese company. Our firm was elected as one of Japanese patent prosecutors in 2012 in IAM 100.  We have three ex-examiners: T. Koshiba, M and Mme. Ohara.  Mme. Ohara who is a medical doctor and a specialist of biotechnology is an expert in case laws study.  M. Ohara has many disciples whom he trained during his long carrier as chief trail examiner. We have supported establishment of several basic patent rights important in business in Japan which is our pride and honor.