The JPO prepares and publishes translations of all the patent publication for nothing.  In order to obtain, follow the steps below.

1. Go to IPDL (English page)

2. Click Patent & Utility Model Gazette DB

3. Enter kind code and number of which translation you’d like to obtain.

When H or M is a single digit year, 0 (zero) needs inputting.

For example,
H02 —> OK
H2 —> NG

On the other hand, the Numbers do not require in their heads.
For example,

H12-023456 or H12-23456  <—either is OK
H12-0034567 or H12-34567  <—either is OK

*Kind code is a code to the status or the stage of the application you are reaching.
A: Japanese patent application PUBLISHED
Japanese translation of PCT application PUBLISHED
B: Japanese patent application EAXAMINED or PATENTED
C: Japanese specification PATENTED
U: Japanese utility model application PUBLISHED
U1: Japanese utility model application UNEXAMINED
Y: Japanese utility model application EXAMINED
Z: Specification of Japanese utility model application EXAMINED

* Number is a number to identify the application you are reaching.
This should be designated like:

H12-123456  /  S56-123456

H means Japanese era of “Heisei”.  S means that of “Showa”.
These years correspond to western year as below.

H22=2010 H21=2009 H20=2008 H19=2007 H18=2006 H17=2005
H16=2004 H15=2003 H14=2002 H13=2001 H12=2000 H11=1999
H10=1998 H09=1997 H08=1996 H07=1995 H06=1994 H05=1993
H04=1992 H03=1991 H02=1990 H01=1989 S63=1988 S62=1987
S61=1986 S60=1985 S59=1984 S58=1983 S57=1982 S56=1981
4. Click the document number you want to display.

Then, the translation of Abstract of JP-A-2000-123456 is displayed.

5. If you want to obtain the translation of Claims, click DETAIL button.

Then the translation  of Claims of JP-A-2000-123456 is displayed.

6. Specification and Drawings are also able to be obtained by clicking here.

*These translations are prepared by automatic mechanical translation, therefore their precision is not guaranteed.

*JP-A-2000-123456 is just an example and hence has no relationship with our firm.
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